Module 1: Town Driving                   

Module 2: All-Weather Driving

Module 3: Out of Town Driving & Rural Roads

Pass Plus is highly recommended to all learner drivers who have just passed their practical test. After completion of the pass plus course you receive cheaper car insurance which can't be a bad thing. Pass Plus is a six hour advanced driving course which you will be graded achieved or exceeded. There is no test within this course so you cannot fail. There are Six Modules that must be completed:

Here at MSM we can ensure that you experience only the highest standard of teaching, because our instructors hold the best qualifications and awards. Please find below the qualifications and associations that our instructors have gained. Our instructors are members of the DSA, DIA and DIAmond Advanced Motorists. They are also Fleet Driver Trainer accredited and are certified to teach Pass Plus Certificate. Below you will find more details on these qualifications.
Originally introduced in 1992, the DIAmond Advanced Test was made available for Approved Driving Instructors (ADI's) Today it is internationally acclaimed as the benchmark of driving excellence, conducted by a robust national network of professionally qualified trainers and examiners. Not many instructors can say that they have this qualification and our instructors use the skills they gained from this course to enhance your learning experience.
Our driving instructors are all regulated with the driving standards agency. All our instructors also hold a Green driving instructors lic​ence which means that they are allowed to Teach within the UK.

Our instructors are also Fleet driver trainer accredited and are listed on the Registration Scheme for Fleet Driver Trainers. Their aim is to improve road safety, and this is a part of the Government's Road Safety Strategy. Fleet Driver Training can help you and your business in a number of ways which include improving road safety performance, reducing insurance premiums and claims, and reducing fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear. 

Module 4: Night Driving  
Module 5: Dual Carriageways 
​Module 6: Motorways

The RoSPA advanced driving test is regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging. It is monitored and approved by the DVSA. RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders aim is to reduce road accidents by encouraging an interest in road safety, by improving driving standards, knowledge and skill. Our instructors are members of the RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders. 

After completion of the course you will have developed skills which will help you drive safer in the future
and you will have increased awareness on the road. Call the instructor to enquire about prices.